Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's not a Schnibble finish.....

I didn't finish the Sept Schnibble project. I wanted to post what I had up on my wall so you know I am attempting it. Am I the only one????????? I chose Fabulous Fall by Moda. I am hoping to complete it for my dining room table for this fall season.

I will work harder this next month to finish both projects... I know I can... =:)

Keep Smiling!

Kim :)

And the winner is........

LONG awaited.. I am late but didn't forget.... All the names went into the basket and here is the winner for the Blogaversary giveaway!!

Lauren Colless Stitch Upon A Star

First this is what you won: 4 Charm Packs,

Moda - Winter Rose

Moda - Mistletoe Manor (homespuns)

Moda - Sweet Hearts

RJR - House and Garden (Thimbleberries)

2 Patterns: Prairie Blossom by Willow Berry Lane & Cornucopia Collage

Congratulations Lauren Please email your address and thank you everyone for the great comments!
Keep Smiling!
Kim :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Keep Smiling!

Kim :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Schnibbles News!!

Hello again.. and before the weekend! I have some great news. I joined the girls over at " A year of Scnibbles". I thought it would be a great way to meet some new bloggers and stay connected with some bloggers I already know.... I saw they had some quilt shops featured for the progam and wondered if they could use another one. So, I wondered on over and asked.

GUESS WHAT... they said yes. I am honored to be a featured quilt shop for the Schnibbles club.

Winter White is our first project. Every month we are going to have a parade of finished projects. This is going to be so much fun. I believe we have 80 gals. I am looking forward to seeing all the different looks as we won't all use the same fabric. I will be featuring the pattern, kit's with pattern, or just fabric alone each month.

Thank you Sinta and Sherri this is going to be alot of fun!

Keep Smiling!

Kim :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

100th Post .. 2 posts late....

Would you expect anything less.. LOL I just realized it's my 102nd post. I should give you a little history... It all started with this.

June 2008... Miss Geranium. Yes, Miss Sharon, it's all her fault. I was one of the no blog club and just read everyone elses'... now and again I would comment. I decided to join her cupcake swap because it sounded so much fun. Sharon asked about my blog... well, I didn't have one. Of course you must know what came next... yes, she said you can do it and the rest is history. I don't write in it daily and sometimes not even weekly. But, I am trying to turn a new leaf as they say. I plan to update you as much as I can on whatever I am doing.. I hope you will follow along.

So. . . as my DH would say... "With that said"... Let's have a giveaway. Since I just realized I passed my 100th post and this wasn't planned I don't have anything together yet.. I will put something together and post a pic on Monday with the name of the winner. Just leave a message on this post about how you got started blogging.

Have a great weekend!

Keep Smiling!

Kim :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Craftshop Shuffle in September, A year in Schnibbles begins.....

Hello from Havasu Quilts

The September Shuffle has begun, so come sign in and join the fun.
Disco Daisy is hiding once more, reading for the Holidays, be sure and visit all the great stores.
A $250 gift certificate as the grand prize. You will need to find the hidden icon in at least 34 of the participating shops to be eligible for the grand prize drawing. In addition, each shop is donating three $10 gift certificates. Eligibility for these drawings require the finding Daisy's location at least 20 shops.

A year in Schnibbles started today.. we are making Winter White to start things off...

Sherri and Sinta are right on the ball...
Have a great week!

Keep Smiling!