Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stamping Fun with Friends.........

I had a big stamping weekend.. Friday we just played with die cut machines like the Big Shot. It's new to Stampin Up' but many people have one kind or another. My camera batteries were dead so no pictures from Friday.. don't tell Sharon she is the best with her camera. I hear she is having a giveaway too.. so jump over and see what she is up to!! Back to stamping.. LOL Saturday night I had a workshop with 6 wonderful girls. This is what they made:

Santa is a mini candy bar cover.. isn't he just too cute! It's mostly using different punches. We put glitter all around the flowers that make his beard and the rim of his hat. The card is a simple monochramatic technique using Barely Banana colors and the sentiment says You are one of a kind.....just too easy peasy. Who doesn't love those little nugget chocolate candies?????? We dressed them up with some stamped cardstock. They used Halloween paper though and I didn't get pictures of those. I get alot of ideas from SU Bloggers and they are CASE's (Copy and Share Everything) Next month they are going to learn how to make the little matchbox to hold the nuggets. All made from cardstock. I demoed a Frankie bag that will be made at the Oct 17th class. It will be themed Bags, Tags, Boxes and Bows. He was loved by all I will put his picture up after that class. I demoed a Christmas card that will be part of the Christmas Stamp a STack that will be Nov 7. Stay tuned to see the future projects we make. If you are not in my area we now offer Stampin Up Online Ordering.. just click the icon on my sidebar and your order will be delivered right to you house. I have some sewing to finish today so I better get to it.........

Keep Smiling,

Kimbo :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not much going on here....

These are 3 of the quilts I am teaching in October. I am so excited to be teaching at the local quilt store Sew What? I have one more sample but I am still working on it. Had a pretty boring week otherwise. Next week is my monthly stamp class and I will be working on projects this week. I will be able to share pics next weekend.
I hope you all had time to sew this weekend. :)
Keep Smiling!
kimbo :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bag Swap and Another Class Sample.

The weekend was full of sewing for me. I got a message from my partner Melinda from Linda's Bag and Bucket Swap that her swap arrived. I made this Santa Bag there was sneak peek in an earlier blog but I didn't say what it was. It's from Nancy Halvorsen Santa's Coming. Just as Santa's sack had goodies in it so did hers. I had so much fun making it. Melinda is happy too!

This is another one of my patterns I will be teaching. This pattern is so fun and easy. It was requested the class sample be made in reproduction fabrics. I will also be teaching Charms on Point. This is very exciting for me.

Short post tonight. I hope you had a great weekend and had time to do what makes you happy!!

Keep Smiling!
Kimbo :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Making samples for my class......

I have been working on my samples. I started sewing this one together from my design wall and thought .. something is different. I went back to the pattern and realized.. YES, something was. I wasn't going to unsew it all sooooo I got a scrappy version. I will put the borders on and show the finished goods tomorrow . I will post the way the pattern says to sew the blocks also. I hope you had time to do some sewing too!
Keep Smiling!
Kimbo :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just News...

Tonight was our guild meeting. Havasu Stitchers. This last year we held a BOM for the Underground Railroad. Each month we would get the directions for a new block and if you brought it back completed you got a raffle ticket to win a prize. It was alot of fun and tonight there were 3 quilt tops .. the other two were too blurry to show. They are starting a new one next month called Atlantis.

We do a thing called brown bag swap. You put 4-6 fat qtrs into a brown lunch bag. Everyone that participates gets back a bag with the name of whose fabrics are in the bag and what type of item they might like you to make. You can add fabrics to it if you like. This is my first time doing it. I am very happy with the fabrics I get to work with.. they are batiks... I LOVE BATIKS..I am very confident I will make something very nice for my secret brown bag swapper.

We are preparing for the Havasu Quilt show to be held Nov 2009. It's a pretty big show for a small town. If you are in town we would love to see you there. Also, in Jan we have our annual Quilters Gone Wild At The Lake event. I will have more next post on that we get a couple National teachers to come. It's open to the public so come back in a couple days to view the details.

I am very excited to be teaching this fall for our locals and winter visitors. I will be teaching on Saturdays since I am not retired and still working.. UGGGHHH.. Not time for me yet....The samples will be posted in the next week. Next post will contain more pics!!!
Keep Smiling!
Kimbo :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Disaster, Airmail and a BIG SURPRISE!!

I come home for lunch most everyday... today when I drove up the street I noticed my trash was everywhere... yes EVERYWHERE, I only wish I was quick with the draw and took a pic... I guess we had a 10 min wind storm and it took my trash cans from around the garage and whipped them down the street.. My wonderful neighbor... AKA my grandma, went down the hill to retrieve my trash cans and bags and got as far as the driveway... she is soooo sweet. My first thought is I have no idea what the hurricane victims must go thru.. I was dealing with a few trash cans... My heart goes out to them and hope they find fast relief...
Another thing I do at lunch is grab the mail... I saw this package:
I noticed the stamps said Australia... I said to myself, who have I talked to from there??? I had no idea, I already had lost some time picking up the trash so I thought I better get lunch together first... then I said NOOOO I want to know what is in that package...LOL It was this beautifully wrapped package....Again, I started to get my lunch so I could sit down and finish opening the gift, lunch was in the microwave and .. well... you know what happened.. I tore it open and I got the surprise of my life.... It was my my bag from Linda's bag swap, I must tell you a story though.. I am very new at all this and was in one other swap before this one.. in that swap the person I mailed to also mailed to me.. I guess I thought that is how they worked...LOL I was expecting a package from Georgia.. SO, I really had no clue what was in the package.. Here it is>>>>>>>>
I love my bag! There was a wonderful card that looks like Iris paper folding. Kerry's note said she browsed my blog to see what things I like... first do you see on the left>>
that little dragonfly zipper pull.. HOW DID SHE KNOW I LOVE DRAGONFLIES??? I really do!
Also, included where some scrapbooking stickers. The lovely friendship panel, a fat quarter pattern. Also, Kerry included a flyer about where she is from I thought that was such a great idea. In the note she said "Hope I have succeeded" YES YES YES>> THANK YOU AGAIN
Kerry, if you have email or a blog please send it my way!!
Linda, I had so much fun and boy was I surprised.. I won't try to guess anymore who or what...LOL
Well, to end my day I wanted to tell you I am sooo excited even more.. Tuesday I was invited to attend the Textile Show in Las Vegas with my friend Turtle. I will take pictures and report back this will be my first time doing this.. I guess the closest thing to compare would be Road to CA. Only I get to meet the fabric reps and help her pick fabric.. WOOOHOOOO!!!! AND we get a free lunch.
Keep Smiling!
Kimbo :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Day!

I'm in my sewing room.. OH HAPPY DAY! It's been really nice here. A couple things are going on and thought I would show you...

New quilt top with Fabulous Fall.

Halloween Charms on point
I need to get back to those HALF FINISHED projects... LOL We were vistited this weekend by our son and 3 friends.. all 18, they had fun on the lake tubing. I forgot the appetites kids have.. and all BOYS to boot!~ I hope you found time to get into your sewing this weekend too!
Keep Smiling!
Kimbo :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Comments are gone..

It has been brought to my attention that you can't leave a comment.. I am not sure how this happened.. I have been wondering why nobody wanted to talk to me LOL If anyone knows how I can fix this can you email me...
I really do want to hear what you have to say........

Ok Problem solved.. thanks to Linda!!! SOOOO FEEL FREE TO COMMENT!!!! :)

CUPCAKES.... and MORE!!!!

I had a wonderful suprise when I arrived home for lunch today. There was a parcel package on my porch. YEAHHHH I love mail! My cupcake swap arrived from Brenda and it was in a good size box... I hurried to open it and OHHH I was SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY! Look at all my goodies..

I hope you can see I have to stop using DH's camera I don't know know how to use it..LOL Well, cupcake mix, sprinkles, papers, book, that new type of pan with the rubber cup inserts, Can't wait to use it.. and do you see the carousel.. I love it! Also the Bunny Hill Pattern and charms. Thank you so much Brenda!! THANK YOU Sharon for hosting this fun swap.

I think it says and more.. yes it does. I was in another swap Linda's Bag Swap. I can't show you a picture yet because my partner hasn't received it yet... I will also post when mine arrives.. I heard it was on they way.. :) :)

Now with both of those done, I couldn't say no to Sharon's new swap. She is doing a Polka Dots & Rick Rack swap in honor of Cheryl . It's a secret who your partner is soooo I can show my progess as I go because my partner won't know.. that's pretty sneaky huh!! So keep a watch out. There's more.. I am doing a sample for my friend Karen's online quilt store. She just got Moda's Fabulous Fall by Deb Strain. It's so beautiful!! Jelly Rolls, Charms and there is a panel too.

Watch for the finished product in the next couple weeks. Stay out of trouble out there and....

Keep Smiling!

Kimbo :)