Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just News...

Tonight was our guild meeting. Havasu Stitchers. This last year we held a BOM for the Underground Railroad. Each month we would get the directions for a new block and if you brought it back completed you got a raffle ticket to win a prize. It was alot of fun and tonight there were 3 quilt tops .. the other two were too blurry to show. They are starting a new one next month called Atlantis.

We do a thing called brown bag swap. You put 4-6 fat qtrs into a brown lunch bag. Everyone that participates gets back a bag with the name of whose fabrics are in the bag and what type of item they might like you to make. You can add fabrics to it if you like. This is my first time doing it. I am very happy with the fabrics I get to work with.. they are batiks... I LOVE BATIKS..I am very confident I will make something very nice for my secret brown bag swapper.

We are preparing for the Havasu Quilt show to be held Nov 2009. It's a pretty big show for a small town. If you are in town we would love to see you there. Also, in Jan we have our annual Quilters Gone Wild At The Lake event. I will have more next post on that we get a couple National teachers to come. It's open to the public so come back in a couple days to view the details.

I am very excited to be teaching this fall for our locals and winter visitors. I will be teaching on Saturdays since I am not retired and still working.. UGGGHHH.. Not time for me yet....The samples will be posted in the next week. Next post will contain more pics!!!
Keep Smiling!
Kimbo :)

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