Saturday, October 4, 2008

Polka Dot Spoilin............ Good Mail Day!!

Well happy Saturday for ME! The doorbell rang and the postman had a box in his hands and pointed down on the porch where he had two more.. WOOOOO and HOOOOOO!!!
The first package was some fabric I got for grandma so she could finish the friendship braid she is making... She used Dandelion Girls from Moda. When she is done I will share a picture....
OH BOY.. then look at my little shelf. I am soooooooooooo please with how it turned out.. Sharon's hunka is making them.

The background is one of the quilts I am going to teach in a couple weeks.
Then............I opened the next box.. I didn't recongize the return address and I said OH YEAHHHHH it must be my Polka Dot Swap.. and yes it was.. I can't tell you how very spoiled I was by Carol. I opened a very cute polka dot pumpkin card....I kept pulling gift after gift out.. This is what I got..
the table runner is AWESOME!
I love the rick rack and I love the B O O buttons.. It's like Carol has known me forever.. I enjoy drinking out of BIG mugs and I LOVE scones... and Apple Cider Mix too. I can't wait to make them and serve them on the polka dot plates with Cider. Carol THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL MY GIFTS.. I also know you ripped I appreciate every little stitch the table runner will be on my table and on it will be my pumpkin candle plate and shade the rest of the fall season. My polka dot swap is still in progress but I will share pics this next week ... nooooo, I can't tell you who my partner is.. that wouldn't be fair now would it.. hehehehehehe.
Keep Smiling!
Kimbo :)


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hey you got some great gifties there from Miss Carol didnt you?? She is soooo nice. I knew she'd treat you right. :-) Love everything. And that bench..........gotta love it!!!! You make hunka proud.

Carol said...

What wonderful swap gifties! Oh I love that bench.

deb said...

WOW, great gifties and you got them nice and the table runner!!!!!!!

Wendy said...

Oh boy that looks like a fun package to get in the must have been a wonderful swap to do.