Monday, July 20, 2009

Bunches to Blog About....

I have not posted and so much to tell you .. first I want to show you what came in the mail from the F R E I N D S swap I was in... Cailtlin Thank you so much!

I just realized looking at the pic that the book she sent me is missing. There were lots of goodies, some homespun fabrics, embelishments, cute handmade gauze bag, notecards and tablet, a vintage crafted notebook and the book missing is soldered trinket jewelry. A friend of mine has all the tools and we have talked about getting together and she will show me how to do it.

Carol's Crafty Creations had a giveaway.. I won this cute pincushion along with a generous sample of her new favorite filling. Crushed walnut shells. Thank you Carol! I think I will be using these from now on. You can get a bag a Petsmart. Probably at your local feed stores also.

The Pincushion swap deadline was July 18th... there a few I have not heard from. Please email if you haven't sent out. I will be posting all the pincushion picture in one post this week. I have seen some really creative work out there. Everyone did a great job so far.

Also, I have some pictures from Summer Camp. We had alot of fun in Laughlin. there is one week left for the Craft Shuffle. Check it out for some fun.

Keep Smiling!

Kim :)


wonderwoman said...

hi, just to let you know i have not received anything yet!!


Carol said...

Hi Kim, I sent my pincushions and my partner got them already. Fun swap thanks for hosting. I'm glad you like the pincushion and crushed walnut shells. Yeah, it's a great filler for pincushions isn't it? Stay inside where it's cool, I'm sure it's a bit hotter in LHC than where I am. Monsoons are finally here.

ooglebloops said...

Love the pincushion - and loved participating in the swap - I'd love to do another!!!!
Love that pincushion and the idea of stuffing it with walnut shells!! I have walnut trees all over the property - just give me a hammer!!! LOL

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