Monday, January 19, 2009

Before and After, Quilting at the Lake!

Ok I promised you some pictures... here they are: I am on the left.. My daughter is on the right... I am NOT .. NOT happy with this picture. It was taken Nov 15th.

So now I need to make sure the next one is better... I know with ALL of you watching it will be.
Now to some fun stuff.. Quilting at the lake was so much fun. I learned some great techniques and was amongst wonderful friends. Friday was Shar Jorgenson and we made this table runner.

Saturday was Road to Oaklahoma with Debbie Caffrey, she was so much fun and had a trunk show in the middle of class.. it was fabulous!!

I am not sure if my pics will stay in order.. here are some trunk show pics.

I just don't have the hang of blogging so I hope you can make sense of my mess....Have a great week with your challenges!!
I hope you all have time to be creative.

Keep Smiling!
Kim :)


Red Geranium Cottage said...

WOOHOOO good for you Kim on the before photo. That was the hard part. LOL The dieting will be a breeze. Now get going and you can drop that weight again. you did it once so why not twice? Hang in there and keep your head up!

Jenessa said...

you might not like the picture now, but wait until you get to look back on it and think, wow - what a great job i did on getting healthy! oh goodness, and you have to make sure to buy that skirt in your new size, too friggin' cute.

Brenda said...

So sorry to read about your mom. I commend you to step up and challenge yourself to live healthier, aim for a longer life than those that came before you. I know your daughter will be twice as happy as you could ever be...having you around...the best gift a Mom can give their children...or so I think.
I love your that does NOT look like a beginner project so I wont even go there, LOL! Thanks for sharing! B=)