Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Absence, Mom's Memory, QATL 2009, My Challenge...

I have been away from the computer for awhile. I have alot to report.

Some of you that know me know my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given a short time to live. She battled 17 long months and surprised the doctor everytime she walked through the doors. She wasn't ready to leave and fought. Mom lost that battle January 15th, peacefully in her sleep. I will miss her alot.

I attended our annual quild Quilting At The Lake 2009 before getting the call that Mom's time was nearing. I took a class Friday night with Shar Jorgensen and a class all day Saturday with Debbie Caffrey. It was a very great learning experience. Shar and Debbie both offered trunk shows and they were fabulous. I have lots of pictures and will post them tomorrow. This is annual and open to anyone. I will announce info for the 2010 classes as we get the teachers scheduled.

I signed up for Sharon's challenge and was determined to do well. I had lost 83 pounds several years ago and let some of it creep back. Since the loss of my mom, I have decided that this challenge is very important to me. Both my parents have been taken by cancer and at a very young age, my dad 3 years ago at age 67 and my mom would have been 70 February 5. I just turned 50 and have challenged myself to be as healthy as I can. Sharon wanted us to post a before picture, since I was out of town I will be posting it on Monday. Better late than never, I hope I don't scare anyone away!

Tomorrow will be filled with alot of pictures.. I hope you will enjoy the quilts and cover your eyes with my before picture.. LOL

Oh I think my posts are listing oldest to newest.. I don't know how that happened.. can you tell me how to correct that?

Keep Smiling!
Kim :)


Anonymous said...

I am SO SORRY about your Mom. You have my sympathies. I also lost my dad to cancer 4 years ago on January 8.

I wish you all the health and success with your new healthy eating plan. Take care of yourself.

Carol said...

Kim I'm so sorry about the loss of your mom...I'm cheering you on in this Diet Challenge 2009...we're all in this together...Healthier in 2009. Look forward to your pictures.

Pat said...

Kim, I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Kim, I'm so sorry about your loss. I know how long you've been going thru this with your mom. She's in a better place now and free from pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you.