Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello all my blogland friends. I have been away a bit and I have no excuses. Guess what.. if you missed me I am back. Lots of things on the calendar this year for me and I get to share them with you. Hopefully I will learn how to charm you, speak with wit, learn to use my camera more... so yeah, you are laughing too?? How about I just share all the wonderful things that happen this year, oh I imagine there may a thing or two not so wonderful but I know we will get through them. Happy New Year!

Ok, for starters... this weekend is our Annual Quilting at the Lake here in Havasu and I get to take classes with two National teachers Shar Jorgenson and Debbie Caffrey. I am VERY exctied. I am challenged with Miss Geranium and the group to lose all the unwanted weight I seem to have found. Go check it out of you are interested.
My daughter got engaged at Christmas and a Sept Wedding is planned. Our Quilt Guild the Havasu Stitchers is having our annual Summer Camp in July and I am helping in the planning this year. I am working on quilts for the Havasu Quilt Show in November and will be helping Turtle in the Vendor Booth for Havasu Quilts. Thats quilting, then there is my stamping. I am a Stampin Up demonstrator and host stamp classes every 3rd Friday of the month, if you are ever in Havasu come on over... not to mention all the things that will spring up in between. I hope you will come to visit often and see what I am doing.
Keep Smiling,
Kim :)

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

WOOHOOOO your back!!! I was getting tired of checking for an update and seeing that same old blog post. LOL
Congrats to your daughter and have fun with your two clasees. Sounds like fun! Dont be eating a bunch of junk now while your there. I'm watching you!