Thursday, March 5, 2009

1... 2.... 3......

And it's not 3 strikes your out!!!!!! It's 3 times a winner.
I couldn't hardly believe it. In the past 2 weeks I have
won things from 3 different bloggers. First I won over
at Red Geranium Cottage ya the "diet nazi "over there.
Well, I was "paying attention" for once. I answered all
the questions correctly and I won a great giftie that goes
wonderfully on my reading chair.. just look it came

Thank you Sharon!

The second prize was won over at Cucaroo she displayed this picture and asked what was wrong with it.. and if you won you would get a giftie.. I guessed she had no hair and did the dog eat it....I WON.. Her Sadie did in fact eat the hair.. I haven't received that one just yet but will post it when it does.. I was so happy.......

And #3... Kimberly at Fat Quarter Shop posted on her blog about some personal news
and if you could guess it you would win this....

I made a guess that she was having a baby.. there
were 3 lucky winners and we had our choice of the
new Lecien Sushi Rolls. Kimberly is not only having
a baby but she is having twins. I can really relate
since I have twin girls now 25 yrs old. She has a
great journey ahead of her. Again.. I am so happy!

So to end my winning streak when Sharon had another Monday Challenge guessing game.. I decided to forego the game to let another blogger enjoy some wonderful gifts. I want to thank each one for sharing some wonderful gifts. I will put each and every one of them to the perfect use.

Keep Smiling!
Kim :)


Brenda said...

You lucky lady! Good for you, now come sit by me and let's see if it's contagious....I could use some good luck! =)
Oh, have you played the lotto? Bought a scratch ticket? Hey, you never know!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

WOOHOOO look at you and all your loot. Just wait till your smell goods arrive. Your going to love that too.

Khris said... are a winner through and through...can you pass on your tips for Khris in Oz