Monday, March 16, 2009

Challenge Monday

It's been a week that's for sure. I haven't lost or gained. I know what that means I need to get exercising. I have been so busy and not made time for it. I don't have a choice now. So, looks like the TV and I will once again become acquainted. :( The benefits will be sweet.. Oh now I didn't mean sweet as in sugar sweet!! Way to go Jen.. Keep up the good work with not smoking. Nothing much more to say today I want to finish reading some more diet challengers messages and I need to get some projects done so I will have some pics.

Keep Smiling!

Kim :)


Cheryl said...

No gain is a big YEAH!!! I did the same and I also need to get myself exercising! Happy week to you Kim!

deb said...

Any week I do not gain is a good week!