Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Jacks In My Brown Bag......

I have been busy. Turtle ( my friend) is in Florida for a few weeks. I help package her website orders when she is gone. Friday night I packed 5 orders and was going to stop by Saturday morning to put the box out for postman on my way to my second job doing taxes. I opened the front door and had an eyes view to the master bedroom... it looked like a half dozen chickens had been plucked in there.. well, she had a pipe leaking in the ceiling and the part of it had fallen down.. good thing I had to go back or it would have been leaking a few days before I saw.. so I spent most of Saturday helping her via phone to get this all repaired.. we were successful!! SO.. my sewing that was planned got pushed to Sunday.. I have been working on the brown bag swap with our guild.. I got a brown bag full of Halloween fabrics and the gals note said she would like a table runner. Her name is Carolyn and she doesn't know I have her bag til it's revealed this month at our meeting. I thought for a bit and decided to do my take on Kim's Happy Jacks Tutorial. I am doing a runner aposed to her quilt topper. Here is what I have so far..

Not very good pics.. I had so many ideas for borders til I went to sew.. LOL I am not good at designing.. Kim had very good instructions for the pumpkins they went together very good. I also am working on her St. Patricks Tutorial.. when I get it more done I will post it too. I made a great desert today.. will post for Losers Monday! I need to check my posts.. I have been blogging for awhile but not consistently.. soooo, I think a giveaway will be in order very soon!

Keep Smiling!
Kim :)

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Brenda said...

Oh I just love a cute pumpkin! Hurry up and finish it, I can't wait to see! =)