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Answers and the WINNERS!!

WE have our winners... congrats to Linda Schiffer and Sandra. You both have won a set of Amy Bradley quilting notecards. I will have a picture for you in the next posting.. here are the answers to the trivia.
Everyone have a great day!
I am not sure what happened to my blog.. but, my sentences keep wrapping into each other and not separating. It's correct in my draft but not when it posts to my blog.. does anyone know what I have done>?

1. Everyone has one: a tomato pin cushion with a strawberry attached. What's the strawberry for?

Your Answer: To clean needles and pins
The strawberry is filled with fine sand or emery. The abrasive action of these fillers removes dirt and rust, keeping pins and needles sharp and smooth.

54% of players have answered correctly.

2. The purpose of this notion is to "un-sew." What is it?

Your Answer: Seam ripper
One of the least fun things to do in sewing is to rip out what you have sewn, or "un-sew" it. Unfortunately, a seam ripper is an essential tool. While a sharp pair of scissors can do in a pinch, the construction of a seam ripper is such that you can slide the tip under a single stitched thread, lessening the chance of putting a hole in the fabric.

91% of players have answered correctly.

3. Which one of the following notions is used in ironing?

Your Answer: Ham
A ham is a firmly stuffed flannel covered object that is approximately the size and shape of a ham. It is used to aid in pressing odd or rounded edges such as sleeves and yokes.

48% of players have answered correctly.

4. Which needle has the thinnest shank?

Your Answer: Beading
A beading needle is very long and slender, in order to pass through tiny openings such as in seed beads and sequins. The quilting needle is generally a short needle in varying thicknesses. The sharp needle comes in various sizes and is used for general sewing. It is sturdier than the beading needle and has a larger eye than the quilting needle. The tapestry needle has a blunt rather than sharp tip, and has a large eye to allow yarn or floss to pass through.

63% of players have answered correctly.

5. What would today's quilter consider to be the most indispensable notion(s)?

Your Answer: Rotary cutter
Quilting was revolutionized in the 1980's with the advent of the rotary cutter, a circular razor blade on a handle, used with a mat and acrylic rulers. The rotary cutter enables cutting with far greater speed and accuracy, compared to the old method of tracing around templates and cutting pieces out with scissors. While templates are still used for some piecing and applique, many quilters never use them, preferring the ease and efficiency of rotary cutting. While having a local quilt shop nearby is wonderful, many quilters buy everything they need through catalogues and the internet. Drop-down quilt frames have gone the way of the horse and buggy.

43% of players have answered correctly.

6. All of the following are ways to baste quilts except one. Which is the odd one out?

Your Answer: Firmly hold the layers together while you quilt
No matter how firmly you hold the layers, you will probably wind up with tucks and pleats on the back if you just hold the layers together while quilting instead of basting them first. Method of basting is a matter of personal preference, and is also a function of the size of the quilt. Spray adhesive is a good method for smaller pieces, such as wall hangings and smaller baby quilts. Basting with running stitches is the preferred method for quilts that will be hand-quilted. Pin-basting with safety pins is the method of choice for machine quilting.

58% of players have answered correctly.

7. What is a chatelaine?

Your Answer: A necklace to which sewing notions are attached
Chatelaines were in fashion in Victorian times. Not only were they functional, but women could show off their beautiful and one-of-a-kind notions such as ivory carved stilettos, pearl-handled seam rippers, and ornate thimble cages. Some women use chatelaines today, especially when doing handwork, so that needed tools are right at hand.

49% of players have answered correctly.

8. There are many ways to mark fabric for sewing and quilting. All of the following are good ways to mark fabric, except one. Which is the no-no?

Your Answer: Sharpie
Sharpies not only leave permanent marks, but they bleed on most fabrics! Beginning quilters have been known to try and sign their quilts with Sharpies, only to learn the hard way that Sharpies are for paper, plastic, wood - but not for fabric! Do not confuse the ubiquitous Sharpie pen with similar looking pens such as the Micron pigma pens, which are designated for permanent marking on fabrics.

Soap has been around for a long time as a marker and is a good alternative for dark fabrics. It's also a great way to use up those thin soap slivers when the bar of soap is nearly used up. Chalk is a taylor's tool, adapted for home sewing and there is even powdered chalk for "pouncing" on quilting pattern templates. Marking pencils come in a variety of colors, to provide contrast on the fabric being marked. A light hand with a graphite pencil is also an acceptable marking tool.

80% of players have answered correctly.

9. How often should a sewing machine needle be changed?

Your Answer: All of the above
If you are having problems sewing, i.e. the thread gets knotted and tangled, the thread keeps breaking, or the tension appears to be off, the first thing to do is re-thread your machine, including re-threading the bobbin. If that doesn't fix it, the second thing to do is to change the needle. These two steps will resolve most problems.

85% of players have answered correctly.

10. What is the notion called that is used to punch a hole, such as for a belt?

Your Answer: Stiletto
A stiletto, sometimes called a taylor's awl, is a pointed tool that is used to make a hole. It is also useful for holding delicate items in place while machine sewing, such as ribbon. All of the items listed will make a hole, but you will have greater control and a cleaner, neater product with a stiletto which is designed for this purpose.

57% of players have answered correctly.

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