Friday, May 29, 2009

I've got a notion Trivia....

How about a little trivia..I am having 2 giveaways.. one for my pincushion swappers and one for all the bloggers. All you have to do is email the answers to the questions to for everyone who gets all the answers correct your name will go into a basket. The deadline for answers is 9AM Saturday. There will be one winner from each group. I will draw before noon on Saturday. The winners and prizes will be revealed then. If you are a pincushion swapper please put that in subject. Have fun!

1. Everyone has one: a tomato pin cushion with a strawberry attached. What's the strawberry for?

To clean needles and pins
For decoration
To lift the pin cushion
For little tiny pins

2. The purpose of this notion is to "un-sew." What is it?

Invisible thread
Seam ripper
Bonding tape
Fabric glue

3. Which one of the following notions is used in ironing?


4. Which needle has the thinnest shank?


5. What would today's quilter consider to be the most indispensable notion(s)?

Nearby quilt shop
Rotary cutter
Drop-down quilting frame

6. All of the following are ways to baste quilts except one. Which is the odd one out?

Firmly hold the layers together while you quilt
Baste with running stitches
Pin-baste with safety pins
Use spray adhesive to hold the layers together

7. What is a chatelaine?

A braided trim
A necklace to which sewing notions are attached
A focal fabric
Interfacing made of horsehair

8. There are many ways to mark fabric for sewing and quilting. All of the following are good ways to mark fabric, except one. Which is the no-no?


9. How often should a sewing machine needle be changed?

When the needle thread keeps breaking
After every 2 or 3 projects
All of the above
If you hear a popping sound when sewing

10. What is the notion called that is used to punch a hole, such as for a belt?

Jumbo pin
Ice pick

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