Friday, May 1, 2009

Pincushions for my first swap...........

I love House Mouse.. aren't they the cutest!! I thought it was the perfect icon for my swap.

My first swap!! I do hope you will join me. There will be special post each week for you to participate in and win extra gifties...... it will be alot of fun. If you sign up please post this icon on your blog

What's required: A Special Handmade Pincushion. Let's see some of your most creative work. If you choose to add something more to your parcel that is your choice.

How it works: I prefer it to be a secret swap, makes for more interest, trying to guess who your partner is. It is also a great way to make new friends. You need to have an active blog, this means you make regular posts. This way you can hop on your partners blog and find out something that might not be mentioned in the swap details. You need to have an email attached to your blog address so that I can keep in contact with you. PLEASE make sure you do NOT have your settings at No Reply. . A thank you is a must. Please take the time and write your swap partner a thank you once you have received your parcel. Swap on time, if you have a problem please let me know so I can let your partner know there will be a little delay. We all know how life sometimes gets in the way of our plans. I will be happy to be the go between so your partner doesn't know who you are if you have a question to ask. Please include in your parcel, your name, email address and your blog address. Your partner can then let you know the package arrived safely,offer her thanksand post for all to see. Once you have received your parcel, please email me so I can mark it off against your name, this way I can keep track of who has completed the swap. If you sign up and do not fulfil your swap you will be named publicly. Please only sign up if you are truly interested.

I will take sign ups through May 23 or until I am full whichever comes first. As soon as all the names have been collected I’ll email partner details.
All parcels need to be postmarked no later than July 18th. That gives you plenty of time to find out about your partner and make the best pincushion ever.

To sign up email me directly at with Pincushion in the subject line.

Include in the email:

Your name

Mailing Address

Email address

Blog address

Color preferences, style, likes/dislikes.

What type are you: country, vintage, victoria, prim, modern...

Do you want to post overseas

Any other info you would like your partner to know.

Thank you for joining, Happy Swapping!
Keep Smiling!
Kim :)


Lanette said...

I luv pincushions and this swap sounds like so much fun!! I would love to join. I will email you my information! Posting the swap to my blog now =)


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I would be very interested in doing a pincushion swap.
will send info and post to my blog

Brenda said...

I'm in! I just posted it on my blog.
I can't wait to get started. I might get a little "extra" creative this time, woo-hoo!

wonderwoman said...

i would love to do the swap - have never made a pincushion so will be a good challenge!!


ooglebloops said...

One can NEVER have enough pin cushions! I love making them, so I'd love to join your swap!! I'll email you my info.

Danielle said...

Count me in! I just sent you my email info, will be posting the swap on my blog next! I'm so excited, yipee!


Diana said...

I agree with Sweettata, if you have room for one more I would love to join.

Thank you - Diana

grandmarockton said...

I want to join too! will e-mail info and get daughter to put button on tomarrow thanks